Morocco Weather January – Visiting Morocco in January – 2022

morocco weather – January

when it comes to visit Morocco in January and find the best temperature to visit  Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Agadir, or Tangier. you actually find a variety of websites that may provide you with answers but they will leave a lot of unanswered ones in your mind about the weather too.  Here we have some questions to answer in this report. what are average temperatures in January? is January a good time to go to Morocco? is the weather cold?  if you have the same question in mind, let’s answer them.

Average Weather in January:

When we talk about the weather in January,  here we talk about the coldest month of the year in winter. the average temperature can take as low as 7C at night, and the high as 20C a day.

average Morocco weather january

To be well prepared to visit Marrakech in Jan, you have to be focused on rainy clothes. which is the rainfall up to 33 mm, for a few hours, most of the time Marrakesh is a sunny city. it may be a little bit warm, but not like July & September.

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the Humidity weather in January- Morocco-Marrakech.

question: what is the monthly humidity like in Morocco – Marrakech?.

answer: the climate in Morocco is totally different from the north to the south, west to east.

February is the highest month in humidity with forecast (66%), the 2nd is January with (65%). On another hand, the lowest one is  August (47%).

Average humidity in January Marrakesh, Morocco
Average humidity

Averages rainfall weather- Marrakesh – Morocco.

average rainfall in Morocco in January is 7.6 days.

averagw rainfall in january

Monthly rainfall: November as high rainy (7.7 days) and July as (0.6 days).

To head To the south of Sahara from Marrakech be ready to watch some snow over the atlas mountain with the best conditions.

what is the weather look like in the Sahara Desert in January?

To visit the Sahara desert during this month, you should Bring a Protective jacket for extreme cold. The best time to visit Sahara is March and April, Sep & Oct.

average sunshine/ daylight in Morocco.

sunshine and daylight in morocco in january

10h of daylight in January.
June is the highest sunshine with 14.2h – and December with shortest (10.2h).


is Marrakech hot in January? 

– The daily Temperature in Marrakech (just JUN) is 7C –  20C.  including wind from the western Atlantic ocean 128 km away.

is it best to visit Marrakesh in January? 

Marrakesh is the number one destination for tourism in Africa-morocco. January is a good time to get travel to Marrakech, enjoy the red colors around it.  and taking a hot spa especially at the end of the week.

how is it rainy in Marrakech- January? 

rainfall weather of the year in winter begin from Dec to Feb,  with normal raining forecasts 1.2 mm. always get the same number since 10 years ago.

what is the source of these reports?

all our weather source data is from the Morocco weather site.

Our recommendations about visiting in January:

Morocco in January
Morocco in January

Do you plan a holiday to Morocco in January? take the advantage of this lovely weather in January, use this typical guide to the Sahara desert in 5 days. you will generally see different parts of southern Morocco and the traditional life of locals, also learn new Cultures, experience the camel ride with perfect sunset & sunrise views. 

if you really love the coasts, read this ideal program of the day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech, see the ancient of the city, ride camel near the sea, although of low degrees of weather (11.2°C (52.2°F) and 18.1°C (64.6°F)). 

Essaouira morocco in january

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