Morocco Weather March – visit Morocco in March of 2022

Morocco Weather March 

Morocco weather in march
spring season

March is the best time of the year to visit Morocco, it is the beginning of spring season in Morocco. if you’re planning to get a few days there,  then you should take in notes: How is the weather in Morocco in March? while you are searching you’ll find a variety of websites that will give you a bit of information about the weather in March, But with less information about which city to go to in the country? is Marrakesh warm in march? can you swim in march? we are Moroccan travel experts, we’ll inform you of all you need to know before you visit Morocco in March.

The average temperature in March – Morocco- Marrakesh

Morocco weather march

average temperature in Marrakech-morocco is 22ºc as high at day and 9.4ºc as low at night.

the yearly climate in Morocco. taking 40 degrees in July as high, and 10 degrees in January and December as low temperature. While March is not too cold, it gives you a pleasant time to pass over a variety of destinations over Morocco like the atlas mountains, Sahara Desert, Casablanca, Rabat, and Agadir… including sunset & sunrise over sand dunes.

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average temperatures – Humidity in March- Morocco-Marrakech.

humidity- Morocco weather march

The average humidity in March forecast at 61%.

The high humidity in Morocco is in March at 66% in another hand  July and August are the slowest months at 47%.

Rainfall weather in March Morocco -Marrakech

averagw rainfall in march

The average rainfall in March- Marrakesh – rMorocco is 37.8mm.

the month with high rainfall is November (40.3mm) and the lowest month is July (1.2mm).

Want to visit the Sahara desert of Merzouga in march? 

The average temperature in Merzouga in march.

The average temperature in Sahara is 9.0°C (48.2°F) as a minimum, with dry weather with 6mm rain. the maximum temperature as 22.0°C (71.6°F).

enjoy the trip guide with us to Sahara in march with the best weather ever, Explore different areas such as Ouarzazate, Dades gorges and the Sahara Desert.

average sunshine/ daylight in March

sunshine and daylight in morocco in march

The average Daylight in Morocco in Mar is 12 hours.

the month with the longest Days is June with average daytime, 14.2 hours (Summer month), the shortest month- days in Dec with average daylight of 10.1 hours ( winter month).

As you see March is a mid-month with 12h on daylight and 8h on sunshine between (10h-14h). which is may allow you to visit all destinations with full surrounded of cultures and city views…


what is the weather like in Morocco in march?

the climate in Morocco in March. 22°C (71.6) as high temperature, and 9.4°C (48.92)  as low temperature.

how hot is morocco in march? 

Morocco in March is Not Hot, Like July and Aug. we highly recommend this typical month to Visit Morocco.

what to wear in Morocco in march?

if you are a new visitor to morocco, you actually need to know what to pack for Morocco,

 is Marrakesh warm in march?

Marrakesh may not be warmer in March, but in some cases, the sun is a little hot in the middle of the day.

Our recommendation in visiting Morocco in March.

morocco in march

it is great to plan a holiday to Morocco in March. if you have along time to spend in Morocco.  no matter what conditions your visit is about! spring is a good time to take 8 days desert tour from Marrakech Via fez, take the advantage of the good weather to get yourself to lose in Marrakech, Fes Medinas, Ride a camel at the top of the Sahara Desert. However, if you have a short visit to Morocco, 2 days from Fes is for you to ride a camel in the desert. or take 3 days From Marrakech to Fes, making sure that you have a pleasant time even if you take it in short.

if you are looking for traveling to the coast, we recommend a day trip to Essaouira, Essaouira is one of the best cities in morocco. met your guide, and discover the Atlantic sea for an unforgettable view, get to medina, (listed as a Unesco world heritage since 19 years ago[2001]), take enough time to learn about more historical places in this tourist city.



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