Morocco Weather May – Visit Morocco in May of 2020

MaMay is the last chance for visiting Morocco Before the Summer season especially Marrakech and the Sahara Desert, March, April, and May are the best months of the year to visit the country While the weather is so wonderful. the month of May is the gate to the Summer season it may be a bit warm but not like the month of August, the average temperatures are taken as low as 13 degrees to high as 27 degrees. also along hours of sunshine, which allows you generally to explore a different part of Morocco, Like Marrakech, Agadir, Rabat Casablanca, and Fes.

Weather in Morocco in May

Morocco weather May

The climate in May in Morocco is a bit dry hot weather, where the average temperature is taken as high 27.5°C and 13.8°C as low. long daylight 13.8 Hour.

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is Marrakesh hot in May?

the average temperature in Marrakech in May is 20 c, which is forecast for 30 as high and low almost as 15 c overnight.

Crowds and Costs

morocco in may

May is a beautiful month to plan a holiday to Morocco, Where crowds are expected at attraction sites. such as Sahara Desert, Fes, and Marrakech. especially at weekend. Book your ideal trip if you have preferences in hotels or tours, and enjoy a Moroccan private guide to Morocco from the northern of tangier to the south of the Sahara desert, including a camel ride at the peak of dunes and spend the night at a Luxury camp.

Where to Go in may

What to vitit in may

we recommend a visit to Marrakech and Sahara desert as it is not recommended to visit in June, July, August, or September. where the weather typically jumps to high warmer degrees in southern morocco.

Also, May is a perfect month to visit the coast where the weather is wonderful, with smooth wind from the atlas ocean. (summertime not arrived yet).

what should you do?

Take a travel to the Sahara Desert guided tour (May, the end of spring) including a night in the middle of the highest sand dunes, make sure that you bring plenty of cold water.

Don’t miss spending the full day around Fes city, One of the 4th imperial cities in Morocco, See the most attractive sites and make sure that you understand the exotic things there.

You can’t leave Morocco without visiting beaches, Like Essaouira sea, Agadir, and Casablanca including a visit to Mohamed second mosque.


how hot is Marrakech in may?

The average temperature for Marrakesh in May is 20.5ºC, as highs of almost 30ºC and lows of 15ºC overnight.

is may a good time to visit Morocco?

May is a perfect month to visit, you will have a pleasant for many parts of Morocco.

is it rain in Marrakech in May?

although very rain levels from the north to the south, the average rainfall is 23.7 mm.

sunshine hours in Morocco?

however, the travelers will get many hours on the day (13.8H) to make sure that you explore new site and cultures.

Want To travel to Morocco in May?

tour to take in morocco in may

check our daily 3 days tour from Marrakech to Sahara, take the advantage of wonderful weather to take a quick tour to Merzouga, spend the night at the luxury desert camp, pass over the atlas mountain and take a short visit to Ait Ben Haddou kasbah.

if you have extra days in Morocco try 8 days tour and explore various destinations as 4 imperial cities (Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and Rabat ) explore Cadar forest and Also Desert.



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